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Line Dance Instructor For Hire

Line Dance Instructor FOR HIRE!1. If you want to hire line dance instruction for a party or event.  for 1.5 hours lessons and dancing with music 100+ people.2. Private dance lesson, learn new dances, skills, dance vocabulary strengthening, and correction of bad dance habits, 50 minute lesson3. Set up a weekly class at work site for […]

Classes & Contact

Classes incorporate fun while learning the basics of line dance into intermediate dance level. Dance lessons for all levels ultra beginner, beginner, advanced beginner, beginning intermediate, and intermediate. New students start off learning dance vocabulary in order of simple coordination movements advancing over the weeks into more challenging movements at a slow pace. Contact email: […]

‘Dance Names’ List

Val Myers dance program: 1A Ultra Beginner Level core lesson dances: 1. a b L 2. a b corner 3. a b ticket 4. a b waltz 5. a b whirl 6. Electric Slide 7. San Antone AB Rocker AB Two step 1B Beginner Level core lesson Dances: 8. cowboy charleston 9. cowboy strut 10. […]

Health Benefits Of Dance

Dancing makes you smarter by Richard Powers Anti-Ageing Benefits of Dancing © 2003 The Washington Post Company The Health Benefits Of Dancing By Wendy Innes Published:August 8, 2012 Health Benefits of Dancing By an eHow Contributor   DANCING FOR HEALTH…..PHYSICAL, MENTAL & EMOTIONAL WELLNESS Those of us who are already line dancers know the benefits.  […]


Ultimate beginner line dance classes start with the simplest coordination dance moves, and then slowly progresses to more advanced coordination dance moves. The class format program uses Val Myers indicative absolute beginner’s program. Each classes has at least 20-30 minutes of dancing and a dance lesson. Dance technique help footnotes are added in the lessons where needed. Class environment is relaxed, low key, and intended for play, fun, and exercise. Come get some exercise while having great fun! No partner needed to dance in line dance.