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Hi, I am Amber, and I have had the wonderful opportunity of teaching line dance classes at the Boulder Creek rec since 2007. I have met a lot of wonderful people and friends over these years. My class format is designed to teach brand new dancers and advance dancers to club level coordination. Dance is a fun way to get exercise, challenge your memory, meet local friends, while staying active.

Mondays Pam Teaches
Starting January 8th (contact her directly to confirm dates)
At the Lone Wolf Kenpo Dojo
13089 Hwy 9, Boulder Creek 95006
Drop in $5 proceeds are to go to the Reed family.

Wednesdays Amber Teaches
at Scotts Valley Recreation classroom
Skypark Park, 361 Kings Village Road, Scotts Valley, CA 95066
Line Dance ages 18-99 (no partner needed)

Ultra Beginner Line Dance class
Resident $70 / Non-Resident: $82
#9007 Wed 6:30-7pm 1/10-4/4
#9008 Wed 6:30-7pm 4/11-6/27
Advanced Beginner Line Dance class
Resident: $130/ Non Resident $144
#8854 Wed 7-9pm 1/10-4/4
#8855 Wed 7-9pm 4/11-6/27To register call 831 438-3251
Scotts Valley Recreation online registration information
The room is small and can only fit 20 people.

Thursdays Amber Teaches
at the Boulder Creek Recreation GYM
13333 Middleton Ave. Boulder Creek, CA 95006.
Line Dance ages 8-99 (no partner needed)

Ultra beginner to intermediate levels
7:10-9pm 1/11 – 3/29 $85
7:10-9pm 4/5 – 6/28 $85
$5 off when registered before the first day of a session.
(Scholarships are available send inquires to Amber)
Drop ins are always welcome on Thursdays! 

Classes incorporate fun while learning the basics of line dance into intermediate dance level. Dance lessons for all levels ultra beginner, beginner, advanced beginner, beginning intermediate, and intermediate. New students start off learning dance vocabulary in order of simple coordination movements advancing over the weeks into more challenging movements at a slow pace. Thursday class is divided up into 5 levels, participants can choose 1 level or all 5 levels to participate in the evening. Class starts off with least challenging movements and advances to next level progressively throughout the class ending in intermediate level
Thursdays Home schoolers welcome great for P.E. subject. Clean lyric music
any questions contact Amber register now by email


On the 6th and 12th class we celebrate with just dancing the evening away using all our new dances learned in previous lessons.

Open dance nights are nights of no lessons just dancing previous learned lessons of the current session.

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Ultimate beginner line dance classes start with the simplest coordination dance moves, and then slowly progresses to more advanced coordination dance moves. The class format program uses Val Myers indicative absolute beginner’s program. Each classes has at least 20-30 minutes of dancing and a dance lesson. Dance technique help footnotes are added in the lessons where needed. Class environment is relaxed, low key, and intended for play, fun, and exercise. Come get some exercise while having great fun! No partner needed to dance in line dance.