Growing a San Lorenzo Valley Dance Group

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Hi there, I am Amber Blavin, So far I have been teaching line dance in Boulder Creek, since Spring of 2007,  and recently I have had the great privilege of teaching at the Scotts Valley Recreation starting in April 2017  as a beginning to intermediate Line Dance instructor.  Our dance group is growing in numbers, and in dance knowledge and ability.

My goal has been to create more learned dancers in the SLV community area.

We currently have over 30  students that frequent classes on a regular, and for some an irregular basis.

Blending a great group of caring dancers, with varied dance abilities.

As the group has learned more dances and advanced dances we help each other to grow and create a great growing dance environment!

Our group is like a little snowball starting to roll down a hill and growing bigger and bigger all the way down!

By the way, if your goal is anything other than social friendships, exercise, dancing and learning to dance please don’t come to classes.

Encouraging others is the environment we dance in.

“Life is not about surviving the storm,

it is about learning how to dance in the rain” -unknown


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Ultimate beginner line dance classes start with the simplest coordination dance moves, and then slowly progresses to more advanced coordination dance moves. The class format program uses Val Myers indicative absolute beginner’s program. Each classes has at least 20-30 minutes of dancing and a dance lesson. Dance technique help footnotes are added in the lessons where needed. Class environment is relaxed, low key, and intended for play, fun, and exercise. Come get some exercise while having great fun! No partner needed to dance in line dance.