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Val Myers dance program:

1A Level Dances:
1. a b L 114-132BPM    VIDEO
2. a b corner 105-132BPM   VIDEO
3. a b ticket 114-120BPM    VIDEO
4. a b waltz 85-110BPM   VIDEO
5. a b whirl 114-120BPM    VIDEO
6. Electric Slide 105-135BPM  VIDEO
7. san antone 125BPM VIDEO
AB Rocker 122BPM  VIDEO
AB Two step VIDEO
Cut a Rug VIDEO

1B Level Dances:
8. cowboy charleston 115-180BPM   VIDEO
9. cowboy strut  sheet 141BPM   VIDEO
10. symphony shuffle 116-144BPM VIDEO
11. the alpine 112-152BPM
12. flobie slide 166BPM    VIDEO
13. lindi shuffle 120-164BPM  VIDEO

1C level dances:
14. 123 waltz 94BPM  VIDEO
15. cajun thang 96-178BPM  VIDEO
16. ski bumpus (BLACK VELVET) 90-130BPM  VIDEO   done in Contra! VIDEO
17. twist em 168 sheetBPM  VIDEO
18. flyin sparx 152-172BPM   VIDEO
19. country walkin’ 108-128BPM  VIDEO

1D Level dances:
20. woman trouble 174-196BPM
21. strait talkin’ 128-150BPM  VIDEO
22. blue rose is 112-130BPM  VIDEO
23. stroll along cha cha 120-130BPM VIDEO
24. precious time 132BPM VIDEO
25. hog wild 96-132BPM  VIDEO     Group dancing fast

1E Level dances:
26. rita’s waltz 105BPM  VIDEO
27. hooked on country 130BPM  VIDEO
28 Urban Livin 135-146BPM    VIDEO
29. red hot salsa 116BPM  VIDEO
30 simply rock  VIDEO  group in club dancing

Some Club Dances we know:
1994 BMP162    VIDEO
All About That Bass VIDEO
Alley Cat BPM127  Alley Cat VIDEO
American Kids VIDEO
Ain’t Goin’ nowhere VIDEO
Badonkadonk BPM115  VIDEO
Beautiful day BPM   VIDEO
Better when I’m dancing  Video
Blue Night Cha VIDEO
Bottle of Shine VIDEO
Boys Round Here BPM85    VIDEO
Boulder creek 4th of July parade  BC4JPLD VIDEO
Bull Frog on a log VIDEO
Calle Ocho BPM129 sheet beginner  VIDEO
Can you do this? BPM150  VIDEO
Caught in the Moonlight VIDEO
Come Dance with me 125BPM VIDEO
Chocolate City Hustle 122BPM VIDEO
Country as can be 130BPM    VIDEO
Country Christmas BPM120   Instruction VIDEO  Country Christmas demo VIDEO
Country Girl Shake BPM107  VIDEO
Copperhead road BPM152 VIDEO
Cotton Eyed Joe BPM132   VIDEO
Cowgirl twist BPM154  VIDEO
Crash and Burn VIDEO
Cruisin’ BPM98-125 sheet-  VIDEO
Cupid Shuffle  VIDEO
Eyes For you VIDEO
Drifter BPM 92-129  VIDEO (Couple) 
Future Husband BPM159 EZ  VIDEO
Gimmie Gimmie VIDEO
Good Girl sheet BPM130  VIDEO
Good Time BPM134   VIDEO
Got to be Funky VIDEO
Gypsy Queen VIDEO
Hit the Base VIDEO
Honey Bee BPM103 VIDEO
I’ll Take Texas BPM115-181 VIDEO
I’m Takin’ my time VIDEO
Itsy bitsy spider dance VIDEO
I wanna try everything Video
Kick it up 85BPM VIDEO
Little Black Book BPM156
Lonely Drum VIDEO
Love, Joann BPM VIDEO
Marvin Gaye AB 111BPM VIDEO
Momma Maria VIDEO
Motor Boatin BPM96 VIDEO
Need You Now BPM110 VIDEO
Power Jam VIDEO
Rockin’ the wagon wheel  VIDEO
Seduced VIDEO
Shape of you VIDEO
Sideways BPM107  VIDEO
Ski bumpus(BLACK VELVET) BPM90-134 VIDEO   done in Contra! VIDEO
(sounds good) Don’t it VIDEO
Stitches 125BPM VIDEO
Strait Cha Cha VIDEO
Star of the show 103BPM VIDEO
Stars and stripes BPM100    VIDEO
Sunshine And Whiskey BPM84   VIDEO
Swing Time Learner line dance BPM 90-130 sheet
Ten Step  VIDEO
Ticket to the Blues  VIDEO
Tornado BPM98 Sheet  VIDEO
Travelling four corner BPM108-128  VIDEO
Tush Push BPM132-182 VIDEO
(Une Dos Tres)13MWZ BPM120-130  VIDEO
Watermeloncrawl BPM120-136 VIDEO
Wobble VIDEO
Wild wild west boogie BPM130-137  VIDEO

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I just added all our learned up to January 2017 dances! I will add links to the dances videos and sheets soon!!
danceramber 🙂


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Ultimate beginner line dance classes start with the simplest coordination dance moves, and then slowly progresses to more advanced coordination dance moves. The class format program uses Val Myers indicative absolute beginner’s program. Each classes has at least 20-30 minutes of dancing and a dance lesson. Dance technique help footnotes are added in the lessons where needed. Class environment is relaxed, low key, and intended for play, fun, and exercise. Come get some exercise while having great fun! No partner needed to dance in line dance.