Line Dance Instructor For Hire

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Line Dance Instructor FOR HIRE!

Call or Text Amber to schedule (408) 712-2287


If you want to hire line dance instruction for a party or event.  for 1-1.5 hours lessons and dancing with music 100+ people. 

On Site Lessons 

Set up a weekly class at a location site for exercise, team building and dance vocabulary strengthening.
Rates are variable depending on the details of the work hired for.

About Instructor

Hi, I am Amber, I have danced for fun since 1996, participating in workshops and private lessons from bay area leading instructors.   And, I have had the wonderful opportunity of teaching line dance classes since 2007. I have met a lot of wonderful people and friends over these years.  My class format is designed to teach brand new dancers and advance dancers to club level coordination. Dance is a fun way to get exercise, challenge your memory, meet local friends, while staying active.

I Believe If you can walk, you can dance!
Line dance is a type of dance that requires memorizing patterns of dance movements.  Line dance classes start with the simplest moves, and then slowly progress to more advanced dance moves. Class environment is relaxed, low key, fun, and no partner is needed in line dance!

I believe in an environment where NEW DANCERS are always WELCOME
DANCE is a GREAT way to get your cardio exercise for the day and is an exercise for your mind and body, as memorizing body movements challenges the brain. It is also a great way to meet and maintain local friendships.

You will need:
1. Dance shoes (bowling shoes are the perfect dance shoe), or a shoe that does not have traction on the toe of the foot. (To reduce tension on your knees)
2.   bottle of water
3.   social attitude and respect for others in the classroom

Contact info:

call or text 408 712 2287

A review of my dance class beliefs:

-We are a Team.  Each of us helps the whole team as we dance together.  And like an orchestra band plays together we all keep time together, strengthening the whole group.

-Our goal is growth, fun, exercise, and healthy movement!!!

-shoes for dancing need the ball of the foot to have no traction, bowling shoes, leather soled boots, Jazz tennis shoes or smooth bottoms of the ball of the shoe.

– Learning the skill of dance is very similar to the skill of learning how to read. Dance patterns are like learning the different letters of the alphabet .  A dance learned or memorized is similar to the skill of reading a book.  In the same way the more your read the better reader and broader your vocabulary becomes = the more you dance the better you are at dancing, vocabulary and coordination.

My view of Dance a goal is not perfection, but for fun, body health, mind health, and social local community connections.
-saturation point the normal response to learning a large amount of new knowledge, and that we are our own best advocate to know when we are feeling saturated and need a time out.

-muscle memory, how we practice correct movements (or incorrect movements making muscle memory) while we do this we gain muscle memory making it appear with less effort, while we speed up and dance to music.

-Asking questions is encouraged

-feel free to send me music recommendations having the artist and the song name. (no swear words and the content is respectful) A small description of my non respectful are: lyrics that tear down another or treat a person like a thing or object.

Continue Dancing!!
I really do I hope you will be continuing in learning DANCE in whatever form you may choose.
Even better, I hope you will be joining me in the next session as you continue on in your journey of line dance learning.

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