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About Your Line Dance Instructor
Hi I am Amber the line dance instructor. I’ve danced for fun since 1996 and I have been teaching and sharing line dance with others since Spring of 2007.

I Believe If you can walk, you can dance!
Line dance is a type of dance that requires memorizing patterns of dance movements.  Line dance classes start with the simplest moves, and then slowly progress to more advanced dance moves. Class environment is relaxed, low key, fun, and no partner is needed in line dance!

DANCE is a GREAT way to get your cardio exercise for the day and is an exercise for your mind and body, as memorizing body movements challenges the brain. It is also a great way to meet and maintain local friendships.
Participate in one or all of the classes if you would like. But, as the class continues lessons advance in difficulty. This is because with experience you will learn the dance vocabulary and not need as much time to review each of the steps to new dances.

You will need:
1. Dance shoes (bowling shoes are the perfect dance shoe), or a shoe that does not have traction on the toe of the foot. (To reduce tension on your knees)
2.   bottle of water
3.   social attitude
4.   Flashlight (in the fall winter)


Location Scotts Valley Rec Skypark Classroom
Current class formate:

6:15 -7:15 – Ultra beginner, Beginner, Advanced beginner, Beginning intermediate levels .  Class starts at Ultra beginner level in the fall and progresses to Summer into Beginning intermediate.  (see dance sheets and videos for examples of dances and levels)
6:15-6:30 review previous dances learned, learn 2-3 new dances in the level of the session.

6-7:30 both class times are encouraged to dance together.

7:15-9pm This class focuses on the materials of Advanced beginner, Beginning intermediate, Intermediate, and Advanced Intermediate 

Cardio time   7pm-7:20 dance to familiar dances previously learned – no review / minimum review
Lesson time  7:20- 8:40 Lessons: 1-2 new silver, 1-2 new gold, 1 new red
Lessons: 1 hour 20 minutes
Dancing 8:40-9pm dance to familiar dances previously learned – short review as needed, walk through.

Class Levels inspired by ABSOLUTE BEGINNER Val Myers dance programme
1. 1a Ultra beginner 
2. 1b Beginner
3. 1c Advanced Beginner
4. 1d Beginning Intermediate
5. 1e Intermediate 
6. 2a Advanced Intermediate (I haven not taught a straight class for this level yet)  Includes all above dance vocabulary knowledge and Phases, Tags, Restarts multiple spin directional changes.  For proficient Line Dance skilled students only.

Order of Class Level descriptions
1. Ultra beginner 1a introduce learn and practice material: walk, grapevine, step touch, 1/4 left pivots, side touches, Point touches, heel toe struts, hip bumps/knee pops, jazz box, heel toe touches, heel hook, rock, hitch, twist,  heel split, kick, walk backwards, rocking chair, scuff/brush, k-step, triple steps, side step hold, diagonal step together scoff/brush, heel present, side step basic, heel taps/heel bounces/toe snaps, charleston, toe touch behind, Waltz balance step and twinkle step
2. Beginner 1b Introduce learn and practice: 
behind side cross, jazz box with 1/4 right, vine with a 1/4 turn Right, vine with a 1/4 turn left, Forward shuffle, 1/2 turn pivot, toe fans, shimmy, R&L side chasse, Heel splits, forward step touch clap, back step touch clap, heel slaps, 1/4 pivot on left leg/L pattern, toe struts                                                                                                   3. Advanced Beginner 1c Learn and practice: side mambo, kick ball change, Rumba box, coaster step, 
4. Beginning Intermediate 1d introduce learn and practice: Lock Step, sailor step, vine with 1/2 turn, weave, 1/4 monterey turn, triple 1/2 turn, 
5. Intermediate 1e introduce Learn and practice: 3/4 turn, coaster cross, 1/2 monterey turn, switches, cross unwind, scissor step
6. (coming soon) Advanced Intermediate 2 (I haven not taught this yet) includes all levels, restarts, tags and phrased materials

Dance Beliefs
A review of my dance class beliefs:

-We are a Team.  Each of us helps the whole team as we dance together.

-Our goal is growth, fun, exercise, and NOT perfection!!!

-shoes for dancing need the ball of the foot to have no traction, bowling shoes, leather soled boots, Jazz tennis shoes or smooth bottoms of the ball of the shoe.

-the likeness of learning dance to learning how to read.

-saturation point the normal response to learning a large amount of new knowledge, and that we are our own best advocate to know when we are feeling saturated and need a time out.

-muscle memory, how we practice correct movements (or incorrect movements making muscle memory) while we do this we gain muscle memory making it appear with less effort, while we speed up and dance to music.

-Asking questions is encouraged

-Attendance rewards come to 12 classes in a calendar year and get a gift.

-feel free to send me music recommendations having the artist and the song name. (no swear words and the content is respectful) A small description of my non respectful are: lyrics that tear down another or treat a person like a thing or object, or celebrate a harmful activity.


20-30 people are dancing to music, lights are soft and people are having fun.  Some are encouraging less skilled dancers, some are feeling the music, some are taking a break.  Some are just watching the energy in the room.  It’s a potluck night and others are checking out the fresh baked goods.  Is this a club? or Bar?  Is this in a big city? No, our little casual town.  Some come to us from other towns because we are a fun and low key group of people who like to dance.

This is the dream I have of what our group can be.
Do you share my dream?

We are so close to it already,

Dancers are needed,

Can you help make it happen?


What our line dancers say about the class:

“It’s an inspirational, enjoyable and energizing.” Sam

What I really enjoy about line dancing is the opportunity to move my body in new ways and challenge my brain at the same time. I am new to it, but line dancing is lots of fun and Amber is a great teacher.“~Daniel

Hi Amber: I find your line dancing class a lot of fun. I enjoy the other people in the class and it’s a good workout. Because I am older, it’s good exercise for my body and my brain.”  Cindy

“I have enjoyed the Line Dance classes. It is not only fun but a really good work out for the whole body. Amber is great with explaining the dance steps and she picks out fun songs that makes Line Dancing easy to follow. Thanks Amber,”


My daughter and I took one of Amber’s Ultra Beginner courses. My daughter had never had a dance lesson before this one and caught on quickly with this method. The music is lively and we were able to learn complete dances from day one. It works your brain and body and it tons of fun.”  Rhonda

“I’ve loved taking your class because of the great enthusiastic person you are and you are blessed with patients and understanding. You take a lot of time to make sure your students under stand the dances and will go over it until  they do. Amber, you make the class a lot of fun and I I feel very blessed to be one of your students.  Thanks, ”  Sharon

I love this class because you get to move around and have fun and by the end of class you have actually gotten a good workout.” Terryne

Amber is a great teacher. Her instructions are easy to understand and she allows plenty of time to practice the dance steps.”  Betty

One of my favorite line dance memories is the field trip to the rodeo club to try out our moves!…was an adventure going over and helped me make some new friends……thanks for all your encouragement.   keep on dancin……..” barb

What I like about the Scott’s Valley class is how you start out each class with a review of previous learned dances and then add on a new one every couple lessons.  I also like how you demonstrate several slight variations on steps to either make it easier on older bodies or more strenuous if someone wants that.  I have really enjoyed every lesson.” Margaret

Our new website is currently under development, so thank you for your patience! To find out more about upcoming classes and events, please contact Amber Blavin.

Line Dancing at the Boulder Creek Fall Dance - the 3rd annual Boulder Creek Fall Dance!

Line Dancing at the 3rd annual Boulder Creek Fall Dance!

Line Dancing at the Boulder Creek Fall Dance - the 3rd annual Boulder Creek Fall Dance!

Line Dancing at the 3rd annual Boulder Creek Fall Dance!

Line Dancing at the Boulder Creek Fall Dance - the 3rd annual Boulder Creek Fall Dance!

Line Dancing at the Boulder Creek rec hall