Electric Slide
Choreographed by Unknown

Description: 18 count, 4 walls, beginner line dance
Music: Electric Boogie by Marcia Griffith


Grapevine to the right
1 Right foot step to side,
2 left foot behind right foot
3 Right foot step to side
4 Left foot touch beside right

Grapevine to the left
5 Left foot step to side,
6 Right foot behind left foot
7 Left foot step to side
8 Right foot touch beside right

9Right foot step back
10Left foot step back
11Right foot step back
12Touch left heel forward and then lift it slightly

13Left foot step forward (begin rock motion forward)
14Tap right toe in place behind you, and at same time rock forward or dip down and touch floor with right hand, (or just get funky, shake shoulders, hips, whatever!). Lift toe slightly off the floor after the tap.
15Right foot step back (in place, beginning rock motion back)
16Touch left heel forward and then lift it slightly

17Left foot step forward
18Scuff right foot forward, using the momentum of the forward step and the scuff to turn yourself turn to left
This 18-count dance has been around for many, many years, and has seen thousands of variations. For example, some dancers will turn the first 8 counts into a vine right with a scuff and a vine left with a scuff, with an optional full turn on either or both vines. This is a very common variation. But the slides as in counts 1-8 not shown above are presumably where the dance got its name.

In April of 2003, Ric Silver produced a 22-count contra line dance called The Electric (aka Electric Slide), which he claims to have choreographed in 1976. THE 18-COUNT "ELECTRIC SLIDE" IS NOT AN INCORRECT VERSION OF "THE ELECTRIC". IT IS AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT DANCE, WHICH HAPPENS TO HAVE A SIMILAR TITLE AND THREE SIMILAR STEPS.