Choreographed by Kelly Hinds

Description:64 count, 4 wall, line dance
Music:Men In Black by Will Smith [Men In Black Soundtrack]

1&2Jump back at 45 degrees onto the right foot, place the left heel forward at 45 degrees angle, step onto left foot, touch right together (right heel jack)
3&4Repeat right heel jack
5&6Jump back at 45 degrees onto the left foot, place the right heel forward at 45 degrees angle, step onto right foot, touch left together (left heel jack)
7&8Repeat left heel jack
9Long step right to right
10-11Slide left to right for 2 beats
&12Clap, clap
13Long step left to right
14-15Slide right to left for 2 beats
&16Clap, clap
17&Pivot turn on ball of left foot & touch ball of right foot out to the side, take weight on left foot (paddle)
18-20&Repeat paddle step 3 more times
21-23Walk forward right-left-right
&24Stomp left slightly to left & stomp right slightly to right
25-28Applejack left, center, right, center (head movements are the same as feet for these 4 beats left, center, right, center)
29&Applejack left, center, (double time)
30&Applejack right, center
31&32&Repeat double time applejacks
33-34Step right to side, step left behind right
35&36Step right to side, step left behind right & right across left
37-38Step left to side, step right behind left
39&40Step left to side, step right behind left & left across right
41Roll right shoulder back while unwinding turn right (right is forward left is behind),
42Roll left shoulder back,
43&44Roll shoulders back right-left-right
45-46Moving forward with body at a slight angle to the left, step right toe forward, bring right heel down (heel strut)
47-48Cross left toe across right, bring left heel down
49-52Repeat last 4 beats (Robot arms can be done in conjunction with this move -- left forward, right forward, left forward, right forward)
53-54Step right to side & bump hips to the right, swing hips across to the left & bump hips left
55&56Using the same motion swing hips right-left-right
57-58Step left together & clap
59&60Stepping straight back with the right, rock onto the right foot & rock forward onto the left bring right together
61-64Split heels, split toes, bring toes together, bring heels together (extended heel splits)