Cotton Eyed Joe
Choreographed by C.W. Parker

Description:32 count, ultra beginner partner/circle dance
Music:Cotton Eyed Joe by The Rednex [144 bpm /
Sex & Violins / CD: I Love Line Dancing In The Summertime]Position:Man stands on inside, woman on outside. Both face line-of-dance. Cape position: man's right hand holds woman's right hand just outside her right shoulder, man's left hand holds woman's left hand in front of his left shoulder

Start dancing on lyrics
1Stomp Left foot
2Kick left forward
3&4Shuffle back left, right, left
5Stoimp  right Foot
6Kick right forward
7&8Shuffle back right, left, right
9-16Repeat 1-8
17&18Shuffle forward left, right, left
19&20Shuffle forward right, left, right
22-32Repeat 17-20 three more times
So you have a total of eight polkas forward